Tanya Busailah

Week of Oct. 24th

Mon: Peer Edits

Tues: Libary to work on second oultine

Wed: Library to work on second outline

Thurs: Outlines Back

Fri:  Per 2: Danielle, Trajan, Emma

       Per 3: Clayton, Presley



Week of 31

Finish Speeches

Thur: Start lecture 8

Fri: Finish 8; Look at ch. 3

Week of Nov. 9

Mon: Get review sheet to study for quiz.

Tues: Talk about IU conference; show videos from it

Wed: Quiz 6

Thur: Intro to speech 4

Week of Nov. 16

Mon: Learn more about the Ideology speech, watch videos all week

 By Friday We finished video 9 and got 10-15 minutes into video 10.

Week of Nov. 28

M: Impromtu Speeches

Week of Dec. 6

M-T: Research

W: Outline due--Peer Edit

Th: Revise Outline

F: Final Outline due


Check out the example wc page.