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A Different Kind of Blog



Welcome to my Blog. For fear of overusing the term "techno" for the name of my blog, I'll refrain and not name it at all; however, now you know the subject matter!

Before you grab the mouse and click away from this site because you have NO intentions of getting involved in a blog concerning technology, just take a few minutes and just explore a couple of the links I've provided for you.
You never know you might like them!

You never know, you might find some use for them !

You never know, it just might be fun!

And in the chance that you found some tidbit of intrigue and would like to talk about it, feel free to share those comments with others and me. I'll continue to add to these on a regular basis.

"There's an App for That!"

Looking for a great review site? Studyblue allows you OR your students to create flashcards for review of vocabulary. The App allows students to study online and on their mobile device. Check it out! Easy to use. Contact Dawn Johnston


The best 'lil mobile quiz/test generator. This student response system provides opportunities to engage students in the classroom and is used with a variety of devices such as smartphones, iPads/iPods, lnetbooks, or computers. Contact Dawn Johnston


Be an expert at movie-making---at least appear to be an expert with this website that enables you to use your own picture files and the program's own soundtrack. Free for a 30-second video, or upgrade it for $3 for a full-length. But for other longer videos the cost is as low as $5/month. Great if you have a need for semi-professional videos without the skill and media to produce one!

Looking for a resume generator or maybe even a starter? This website is free and helps jump start the process to writing a professional looking resume. Let me know what you think of this site!

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Through the quality of its staff, curriculum, instruction, and extra-curricular offerings, Northwestern High School provides a positive and supportive environment that challenges each student to strive for excellence in developing skills in life-long learning, communication, problem solving, critical thinking, individual and social responsibility, and respect for others and self.