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Be sure to contact Mrs. Miller if you have any questions.

Many colleges use Common App for their college admissions application.  It is one application that can be filled out and used for multiple colleges.  For this application, the student must write an essay in response to one of the prompts.  If you would like to prepare, use this link to find the essay prompts for the 2017/18 Common App essay prompts.
AP Units:
Vocabulary Lists

Vocabulary tests will given approximately every two weeks.  They will include approximately 30 words which could be found on the SAT exam.  The test is not matching.  Instead, students will be asked to read sentences containing context clues and then insert the correct vocabulary word into the sentence.

Rhetorical Essay

Essay #2 of the AP Exam will be a Rhetorical Analysis.  What that means is that you will be given an rhetorical essay to analyze. In order to analyze the essay, you must look for ethos, logos, or pathos which the writer may be employing.  In addition, you should use the acronym SOAPStone to assist you in understanding the essay and deciding whether or not the writer is effective in his/her intentions. Use the attached PowerPoints to guide you.

eLearning days

In the event of an eLearning day, my students will find the instructions for their assignment right here on my class webpage.

Students, don't forget to check-in with your F2F teacher for attendance purposes!

If you have any questions while doing your assignment, I will be available via email all day.

If you have any technology problems on an eLearning day, contact  

Non-Fiction Comparison Analysis
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