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E-Learning is Always on Class Webpages. Scroll down to 2/9 to see your assignment.
Week 2: Aug. 14-18

Mon: Go over rules, ipad set up, and minimum wage worksheet

Tues: Beowulf film

Wed: Beowulf film

Thur: Intro to Beowulf

Fri: Intro to Beowulf (Bring a picture for Monday)

Week 3: Aug. 21- 25


Turn in your pictiure.

Read Beowulf sections 1-10 in the "Senior Book."  Use audio links there to help you.

Tues: Read and Listen to Beowulf

Wed: Discuss Beowulf

Thurs: Quiz on Beowulf

          Write multiple choice questions:  THREE from the introduction to Old English on the Senior Book page and SEVEN from the actual Beowulf poem. Make sure your questions all come from different sections of the intro and poem.

Fri: Finish Old English Unit; Talk about Common Application

Week 4: Aug.28-Sept. 1

Mon: Mrs. Moore Presentation

Tues: Lab work on college essay

Wed: Lab

Thurs: Learn Simple Sentence, Compound Sentence, Complex Sentence, and Compound Complex Sentence.  Put all four sentences in your paper due Friday.  If you were absent, look up the definitions on the web.

Fri: Lab: Paper due at the end of class. Label S, C, CX, and C-CX.

Week 5: Sept. 4-Sept. 8

Mon: No School

Tues: Go to the Senior Book.  Open the Intro to the Middle Ages PDF.  Take paper and pencil notes to use on your quiz tomorrow. 

Wed: Quiz over intro to the Middle Ages. 

Thurs: Watch video on Middle Ages (attached)

Fri: Go over Middle Ages Quiz

Week 6: Sept. 11-15

Mon: Go to the Senior Book

        Open The Pardoner's Tale and listen to the audio while you follow along.

        Open Wife of Bath and listen to the audio while you follow along.      

Tues:  Discussion on Pardoner's Tale and Wife of Bath's Tale

Wed: Watch the video about Chaucer's Prologue (senior book:Prologue Video)

         Take notes on what the different people do.

Thurs: Go over Grammar Worksheets.  Quiz tomorrow.

Fri: Grammar Quiz; Read Ballads on Senior Book

Week 7:Sept. 18-22

Mon:  Vocab Quiz 1-23 (Laments-Frugal) is Tuesday and 24-45 (duress-pestilence) on Thurs.  These are Words to Own located in Beowulf, CT Prologue, Pardoner, and Wife of Bath.  See attachment. 







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Through the quality of its staff, curriculum, instruction, and extra-curricular offerings, Northwestern High School provides a positive and supportive environment that challenges each student to strive for excellence in developing skills in life-long learning, communication, problem solving, critical thinking, individual and social responsibility, and respect for others and self.