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E-Learning is Always on Class Webpages. Scroll down to 2/9 to see your assignment.
Week 10: Mar. 6-10

Mon: In-Class Poetry Packet 38Q

Tues: In-Class Poetry Packet 40 Q

Wed: Go over packets

Thur: Start John Milton: Watch Boook Trailer 1 and 2; start documetary.

Fri: Continue Documentary

Week 1: March 13-17

Mon: Using the attachment below read the selection "Milton." Read about his life and the selection from Paradise Lost.   

Export to Notability, highlight interesting parts, and write two questions.

Tues: Using the attachment below read about Jonathan Swift's life and read the first part of the story called Gulliver's Travels: p. 486; 488-994.  

Export to Notability, highlight interesting parts, and write two questions.

Wed: Worksheet on Author's Lives (20 points).  Do in Class.

Thurs: Finish Author's Lives Worksheet (20 points)

Fri: Discuss Paradise Lost.

Week 2: March 20-24

Mon: Two packets on Paradise Lost.

Tues: Go over packets

Wed: Watch GT

Thur:Watch GT

Fri: Watch GT

Week 3: April 3-7

Mon:- Tues: Finish GT

Wed: Read and do assignment on Part 1

Thur: Read and do assignment on Part 2

Fri: GT Quiz

Week 5: April 17-21

Mon: Watch Samuel Johnson and the Dictionary Story (attached below)

Tues: Papers due.  Share papers

Wed: Finish Samuel Johnson video (attached below)

Thur: Read Johnson 570-574

         Pick 6 words you like from his dictionary and write the definitions

         Read Boswell p. 582; 584-588


Fri: Quiz

* on 10 words (matching) from Johnson's dictionary

* All the reading material from above 

Week 6: April 24-28

Mon: Take make-up quizzes

         Listen to William Blake file and his poems

         Follow along with the William Blake text

Tues: Discuss all the Blake poetry

Wed: Listen to "Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner" below.  Follow along with the text.

Thur: Discuss "Ancient Mariner" 

Fri: Read Wordsworth attachment

Week 8: May 8-12

Mon: poetry packet

Tues:take STAR Reader test

Wed: Study "Alone in the Woods" "Shooting an Elephant" and "Empty Seat"

Thur: same

Fri: same

Week 9: May 15-19

Mon: Study Day (find your copies of finals review) See STAR scores

Tues: Go over essay portion of test and grammar

Wed: Test over "Alone" "Elephant" "Empty Seat" with essays and grammar



Week 10: May 22-25

Mon: Exam Week See Schedule




Fri: Teacher Work Day

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Through the quality of its staff, curriculum, instruction, and extra-curricular offerings, Northwestern High School provides a positive and supportive environment that challenges each student to strive for excellence in developing skills in life-long learning, communication, problem solving, critical thinking, individual and social responsibility, and respect for others and self.