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Bienvenidos a la página web del Señor Wilson

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Class Agenda
eLearning Day

In the event of an eLearning day, please follow the directions below:


If you are in Spanish III, please continue to work on your group's section of the 6th edition of the El Sol magazine.  Remember to locate 7 key sentences in your section as well.

I will answer your questions when we get back to school, and you can complete the reading/pronunciation with me as well.  Best of luck! Sr. Wilson

If you are in Spanish IV, please contact your teammates to prepare your plans for the elementary visit on 5/5/17.  If we have a 2-hour delay on 5/5/17, the visit to the elementary school will be cancelled, and we'll continue to work on the magazine in class.  In the event of an eLearning day, follow the guidelines for Spanish III with the magazine.  Best of luck! Sr. Wilson

If you are in my face2face class, please e-mail me for attendance. 


Contact Me!
Steve Wilson

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Created: Feb 12, 2009
Updated: May 4, 2017
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Mission Statement

Through the quality of its staff, curriculum, instruction, and extra-curricular offerings, Northwestern High School provides a positive and supportive environment that challenges each student to strive for excellence in developing skills in life-long learning, communication, problem solving, critical thinking, individual and social responsibility, and respect for others and self.