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Welcome to Mrs. Wilson's Class Page!
Weekly Assignments for the 1st 9-weeks
Week of Aug. 7-11

Tuesday:  Orientation

Wednesday: Notes Ch. 1

Thursday:   Take Course Pre-test and watch Safety Video 
Friday:  Check into lab and Preview Lab I


Week of Aug. 14 - 18

Monday:  Lab 1

Tuesday:  Lab 1
Wednesday:  Finsih Lab and discuss write-up

                    Notes on Metric System

Thursday:   Lab 1 Due
                   Notes Metric System and Graphing
                   Assign Metric and Graphing Wksheet                 
Friday:    Wksheet Due
               Cardboard Graphing Activity


Week of Aug. 21 - 25

Monday:  Graphing Activity Due
               Notes on Accuracy and Percision

Tuesday:  Metric Quiz
               Notes on Dimentional Analysis

Wednesday:  Go over Quiz

Thursday:  Metric Quiz II
 HW Due
                      Notes on Dimentional Analysis

Friday:  Notes on Density
             Make-up Metric Quiz
                  Assign Wksheet
Week of Aug. 29 - Sept. 2
Monday:  HW Due
              Assign Ch. Wksheet
               Denisty Lab
Tuesday:  Density Lab Due
               Ch. Wksheet Due
               Review for test

Wednesday - Test Ch. 1 & 2            (2 Hour Fog Delay)

Thursday - Finish Test Ch. 1 &2
                 Notes CH. 3

Friday -    Notes CH. 3
               Assign Wksheet
Week of Sept. 5 - 9

Monday - Labor Day

Tuesday -  HW Due

                Separation Lab

Wednesday -  Lab

Thursday - Lab Due     

Friday -  Quiz Ch. II

Week of Sept. 11 - 15

Monday - Notes on Ions - Cations       

Tueaday - Notes  - Cations

Wednesday -Notes  - Anions

                 Make Ion cards

Thursday -  Notes  -  Polyatomic Ions  
               Make Ion cards

Friday -  Ion Quiz I

             Notes on fromula Writting / Assign Wksheet

Week of Sept. 19 - 23

Monday:   Ion Quiz 1

               Notes:  Polyatomic ions

Tuesday:  Ion Quiz 2

               Notes:  Formula Writting

               Assign Worksheet

Wednesday:  Worksheet Due

                    Ion Quiz 3
                    Notes:  Formula Writting

Thursday : Ion Quiz 4
                 Notes:  Formula Writting
Friday :  Ion Quiz 5

               Assign CALM Questions Topic 3 Section 1

Week of Sept. 26 - 30

Monday - Notes
              Assign p. 137; #35,41,45,57,59, 17, 91  (SKIP 41B, 45C)  

 Tuesday - MgO Lab

Wednesday - Practice Naming Quiz


Thursday -Lab

                Activity - Ion Dice                

Friday - Lab Due             

            Ion Bingo            

Week of Oct. 3 - 7
Monday - Ionic Naming Lab
Tuesday - Acid Naming Notes
               Assign Wksheet

Wednesday -  Wksheet Due
                     Assign Ch. Wksheet
Thursday - Wksheet Due
Friday  -    Writting and Naming Formulas Test

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