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After speech class, everything else is just 'talk.'
E-Learning is on This Website. Scroll Down to Date That We Have an E-Learning Day.
Week 1: March 12-16

M: Body Language TED Talk

T: Finish TED Talk and do one blog. 

W: Blog 2 and 4 due at midnight 

TH: Blog 5 and 6, 7 due at midnight 

F: Blog 8, 9, and 10 due at midnight Sunday

Week 2: March 19-23

M: Go over blogs; begin topic for "both sides" speech

     Mercy:  Handwrite up to two blogs that you didn't do.

T- F: Gather sources for your speech.


Week 3: Apr. 2-6

M  Go over body language, voice, verbals, etc.

T Do some impromptu speeches

W  Finish impromtu speeches

Th At the beginning of class turn in four souces, four summaries, and the inherent issues in your speech.

F Learn Outlines.  Outlines due Mon.

Week 4: Apr. 9-13

M Practice speeches

T Conferences on outlines

W Work day: news slips, note cards, brainstorm sheet

Th 5 practice speeches

F Work day  (speeches begin next week)

    Discussed how you will be graded. See rubric.

Week 5: Apr. 17-20


T Allyson, Hannah, Josie

W Evan, Donovan, Taylor

Th Spencer, Morgan, Madison


Week 6: Apr. 23-27

M Intro to Invitational Speech

T Work day

W Work day

Th Work day

F Outlines and Sources Due

Week 7: Apr. 30-May 3

M: Peer Help Day

T: Peer Help Day

W: 3 Speeches

Th 3 Speeches

F: No school

Week 8: May 7-11

M 2 speeches

T 1 speech; explain flip speech

W flip speech

Th flip speech

F two page outline due with one source

Week 9: May 14-18

M outlines back; make notecards

T 3 speeches: Madison, Josie, Allison

W 3 speeches: Ean, Taylor, Morgan

Th 3 speeches: Don, Hannah, Spencer

F The King's Speech

Week 10: May 21-24

M The King's Speech





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