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After speech class, everything else is just 'talk.'
Week 2: Aug.14-18
Week 2: Aug. 14-18

Mon: ipad set up, rules, IU e-book, Body Language Video

Tues: -Fri. Body Language Video

Week 3: Aug. 21-25

Mon: Interview each other for the Professional Introduction Speech.  Take notes.  Be ready to give these speeches on Monday of 1-2 minutes. 

Tues: Write blog 1

Wed: Start lecture 1

Thurs: Finish watching lecture 1; assign blog 2 Due Sept. 4.  Respond to one person. 

Fri: Library to get lecture slides

E-Book Chapter 1:  A Great Power has been released.  Complete it before Wed. Go to "assignments" in Canvas.  Set asside 90 minutes to do the lesson and quiz.

Week 4: Aug. 28-Sept. 1

Mon: Write 10 key facts about lecture slides 1.  E-mail all the slides to yourself so you can have them on your device. Use home email, not school.

        Brainstorm topics.

Tues:  Brainstorm topics.

Wed: Go over YOUR topics extensively.

Thurs: Video 2. Quiz due Fri:  Again, write 10 facts over slideshow 2.

Fri: Slideshow facts due.  Learn outlining skills.  E-book chapter 2 is released.

Week 5: Sept. 4-8

Mon: No School

Tues: Begin Ch. 3 Video; Write 10 facts due tomorrow at the end of the video.

Wed: Finish Video.  Search Google News for Articles (e-book 2 quiz due tonight)

Thurs: Begin Outline  Continue Research 

Fri: Library to print materials

Three Page Outline due Monday (use source slips below to staple to your sources; an example is atttached too)

Week 6: Sept. 11-15

Mon: Go over outlines, find inherent issues

Tues:  Watch video 4

Wed: Finish Video 4.  Turn in 10 facts.  Chapter 3 Ebook due (evening)

         Use MLA on your outline. Attached.

Thurs: Talk about Works Cited then Library

Fri: Library

      Outline due Monday beginning of period: 3 pages, articles attached, Works Cited

Week 7: Sept. 18-22

Mon: While I grade outlines, do blog 4 or e-book lesson 4.





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