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After speech class, everything else is just 'talk.'
E-Learning is on This Website. Scroll Down to Date That We Have an E-Learning Day.
E-learing Day: 1-5-18

1. Read over the IU syllabus carefully (attached)

2. Look at the "Getting Started Steps" and see if you can complete steps 1-5. I understand if you incounter diffiucuties, but do your best because we have to help each other with this whole set up process. If you can get to step 5, that would be awesome!

3. Remember to bring a flash drive so that I can load the PowerPoints for you.



Week 1: Jan. 8-12

M Downloaded slides for IU Lecture, Went over syllabus

T Entered more students into the course; Handout: What is a Liberal Education; preview slide show 1

W  Begin Lecture 1. Absent? Take notes on slide show 1.

Th Finished Lecture 1. Turned in notes, took quiz 1. 

F E-Learning Day: Preview Slide Show Lecture 2. Do you best to figure out how to get the slide shows on your ipad.  If you need help on how to to do that, politely ask Mr. Todd Miller to assist you.  His e-mail is

Also, make sure you have purchased the e-book and set up your IT account. Today would be an excellent day to call IU if you need assistance with this.

Week 2: Jan. 16-19

T Take notes on Lecture 2.

W Quiz on Lecture 2; Fun activity on IQ Test.

Th Talk about topics.

F Start Lecture 3.

Week 3: Jan. 22-26

M Watch video 3.

T Quiz video 3; watch video 4.

W E-Learning Day:  Watch the first three videos in our class links at the top right of this webpage.  Watch James Earl Jones, The Stuttering Commedian, and How to Communicate Authentically.  The last one is by J.P. Sears, a therapist.  Fell free to watch more of his videos.  He does a lot of self-help type videos and some silly ones too.  I find him to have excellent eye contact, empathy, and gestures when relating to his audience. 

We will resume Leture 4 when we return.

Th Lecture 4

F Turn in Notes, take quiz 4, start lecture 5. 

Week 4: Jan.29- Feb. 2

M Finised Lecture 5, turn in notes, take quiz 5

T Lecture 6

W Finish 6; quiz 6, start 7

TH finish 7; quiz 7


Week 5: Feb. 5-9

M  Talk about more logical fallacies.  28 minutes of Lecture 8

T  Finsh 8

W  Discuss Logos, Pathos, Ethos from example speech

TH Start 10 (there is no 9)

F Finish 10

Week 6: Feb. 12-16

videos and quizzes

Week 7: Feb. 20-23





Week 8: Feb. 26- March 2






Week 9: March 5-9






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