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Looking for something great to read? Life is too short to read a bad book so look here to find some great book lists compiled by students, teachers, librarians, and me, your favorite librarian/media specialist! Check back often because this page will be updated as I find more good stuff. Know something that should be added? Please email me the title, author and a discription of the book. You can even rate it if you would like and I will add it to this list.
Class Agenda
Eliot Rosewater Books 2016-17

The Eliot Rosewater Indiana High School Book Award (The Rosie Award) is chosen annually by students across Indiana in grades nine through twelve. Students at participating high schools and public libraries who read any of approximately 25 nominated books are eligible to rate each book they've read. Ballots are available in the Northwestern High School Library.

The author of each year's award-winning book is invited to receive the Rosie Award in person at a special event in November.
NHS students who read any of these books are asked to please rate each book on a ballot. Your vote will be included to decide the award winning book from this year's selection!
NHS students who read 5 or more of these books will receive an invitation to a Pizza Party in the library in May! 
Book Trailers for the 2016-2017 Rosies
All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven
By Jennifer Niven
Two teens struggling with life meet on a school bell tower where one will ultimately save the other.
by Mindee Arnett
Jethro Seagrave's quest is to earn back his parent's spaceship, the Avalon, survive the Belgrave, and figure out what happened to his parents.
The Beginning of Everything
by Robyn Schneider
After a car accident ruins his chances of playing tennis, senior Ezra must learn to find his true identity when his popularity status plummets.
by Meg Wolitzer
After her boyfriend dies, Jam is sent away to a school that is supposed to help with her grief, but when she starts a special class she discovers a world where she and Reeve can be together again.
Dear Killer
by Katherine Ewell
Rules have kept Kit's identity as the notorious serial killer known as the "Perfect Killer" safe, but what happens when she begins to change the rules?

 Don't Look Back

by Jennifer Armentrout

Sam and her best friend disappeared on the same day, but when Sam is found four days later she has no memory of what happened to her and her friend.

Fake ID
by Lamar Giles
Nick struggles to start a new school, once again, as his father keeps jeopardizing their safety, but this time Nick's the one who finds the real trouble.
Faking Normal
by Courtney C. Stevens
The only person Alexi can tell about the secret that eats away at her is a boy with whom she has nothing in common.
The Family Romanov
by Candance Fleming
Family Romanov contrasts the opulent lives of the last Russian czar's family with that of the peasants and traces the progression of the worker's revolt as well as the Soviet rise to power.
 Gabi, a Girl in Pieces
by Isabel Quintero
Gabi Hernandez shares the story of her senior year in diary entries that discusses the year's ups and downs as they relate to her family, friends, boys and her future.
Half Bad
by Sally Green
Sixteen-year-old Nathan, who has both white and black magic, is hunted by both white and dark witches and must figure out who to trust to survive.
In Real Life
by Cory Doctorow & Jen Wang
Gamer girl fights sexism and learns about global inequities through relationships developed in a multiplayer online game.
Kiss of Deception
by Mary Pearson
Lia decides to determine her own fate when she flees the morning of her wedding, only to be tracked down by the jilted Prince and an assassin.
The Naturals
By Jennifer Lynn Barnes
Cassie joins a hush-hush FBI program training teens to hone their natural skills to help solve old cases, but the present comes crashing in as they are unwittingly pulled into current cases.
by Kevin Waltman
In basketball crazy Indiana everyone has an idea of how to help high school freshman Derrick reach his goals, but he will learn more about himself during this first season on and off the basketball court.
by Lynne Matson
On the mysterious island of Nil, the rules are set. You have exactly 365 days to escape--or you die.
by John Corey Whaley
Travis Coates is brought back to life thanks to a cryogenic experiment, but it leaves him uncertain of his future in a world that has kept moving while he was frozen in time.
One Man Guy
by Michael Baravika
Alek knows his Armenian-American parents will never support him when he falls in love with Ethan.
by Paige Rawl
This is Paige's story of growing up HIV positive and overcoming the stigma and bullying associated with her diagnosis.
Shadow and Bone
by Leigh Bardugo
As if being an orphan an hopelessly in love with her best friend isn't difficult enough, Alina discovers she possesses a power that might make her the only person who can save the kingdom from darkness.
Since You've Been Gone
by Morgan Matson
After her best friend Sloan suddenly disappears, a baffled and lost Emily dutifully completes the enigmatic list of tasks sent to her by Sloan.
by Teri Terry
Branded a terrorist, Kayla has been slated, her mind and past erased; will she be willing to let the past be the past?
Some Assembly Required
by Arin Andrew
After a highly publicized relationship with another transgender teen, Arin Andrews reflects on his childhood, adolescent love, and the female-to-male transition.
Through the Woods
by Emily Carroll
Through the Woods is a collection of scary stories comprised of suspenseful text and nightmarish sequential art.
A Time to Dance
by Padma Venkatraman
When an Indian dancer loses her leg, she must find the courage and spirit to continue dancing.


What should I read next?

Don't know what to read next? Click the above link and type in the name of a book you enjoyed. This database will provide you with a list of recommendations and suggestions on books you might like!
Guys Read!

Welcome to the Guys Read Virtual Vault of Good Books. This is the place to come if you’re looking for something to get a guy reading. We’ve collected recommendations from teachers, librarians, booksellers, publishers, parents, and guys themselves. These are the books that guys have said they like. We’ve gathered and grouped them to make them easier to find. So check out the categories below or type something—a title, an author, or a subject you’re interested in—over there on the left.


ReadCloud offers free eBooks to either read online or to download and read later.  All books are those out of copyright, so expect classics like Pride and Prejudice, Jane Eyre, Wuthering Heights, Great Expectations and War and Peace.

ReadCloud  offers the opportunity to change the font of the text, search a dictionary and search the internet. This makes ReadCloud ideal for student use, however it could also be used for staff book clubs and private book groups.

Kokomo Public Library

Find out what Melissa Wheelock, the Young Adult Librarian, and the other librarians at the KHCPL are reading and what they think about the books they have read at the following sites:

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Melissa's personal book review blog and what she really really thinks about the books she reads

Melissa would love to hear from you! Her emial is: 

Think you do not like to read?

Check out this list of great books for "reluctant" readers!


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