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E-Learning Days are Always on Website. Scroll Down to the Date We Have an E-Learning Day. Your assignment is also on e-backpack.
Week 1: March 18-22

Mon: Register for ALBERT, Itro to Satire, Finish Life on the Mississippi, prep next section.

T: AP activities

W: Listen to Part I Gulliver's Travels on Senion Book. Pull up both the audio and the story and follow along. AP Activities

TH: Listen to Part II Gulliver's Travels on Senion Book. Pull up both the audio and the story and follow along. AP Activities.  Calculate your multiple choice AP test using a handout. 


Week 2: April 1-5

M: Do Workbook Pages 1-20; Assign ALBERT Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde I and II due TUES. at 10 p.m.

T: Workbook pages 21-29. Quiz tomorrow over Swift (senior book) Gulliver's Travels part I and II and all the Words to Own (about 10 of them).  Finish ALBERT tonight Dr. Jeckyll I and II.

W: Take quiz on GT; go over metaphysical poetry, Geroge Herbert "Easter Wings, AP workbook on GH; ALBERT Dr. J and Mr. H.
TH: Take practice AP Test
F: Finish up AP test, learn about poetry about paintings

Week 4: April 15-19

M: Senior book: Read Alexander Pope. Give out worksheets due Wed at the beginning of  Learn about TAGVIL. Assign "The Pupil" and "Dracula" on ALBERT due  Wed. at 11 p.m. Beat 51%!

T: Study the poem "Jabberwocky" and learn about TAGVIL.

W: Pope worksheet due; ALBERT due

TH:  Work on TAGVILs for Turning


Week 5: April 22-26

M:  Review for Quiz Thurs.  Go to Senior Book section 8. Open Johnson and Boswell.  Learn about their lives.  This will be True and False Questions  Study Johnson's dictionary.  Study Boswell's Life of Johnson.  These will be True and False.  Finally, study the words in the PDF Vocabulary which tells you what words will be on the quiz (matching).

T: In groups, improve the TAGVILS from "To David" and do the TAGVIL and Iceburg for Risotto for homework.  

W: Go over TAGVIL and Iceburg for Risotto. 

TH: Boswell and Johnson quiz.


Week 6 April 29-May 3

M: Johnson and Boswell Quiz; "Juggler" 7-8-9

T: Take an actual AP writing test

W: Highlight your AP test with yellow, blue, and green. Get a packet and decide which scores they got. 

TH: AP test review

F: AP test review

Week 7: May 6-10

M: AP Activities

T: Read your literary portfolio and review the names of the characters, authors, and themes. 

W: AP Test

TH: Watch Gulliver's Travels

F: Watch Gulliver's Travels

Week 8: May 13-17

M: Watch Gulliver's Travels

T: Watch Gulliver's Travels

W: Finished GT; get exam review

TH: My Fair Lady

F: My Fair Lady

Week 9: May 20-24

M: Exam

T: My Fair Lady

W: My Fair Lady

TH: Service Day

F: Graduation Practice

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