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'Words, words, words...' Hamlet.
E-Learning Days are Always on Our Webpages. Scroll Down to the Day We Have the E-Learning Day to See Your Assignment. Then complete it in Ebackpack. Or, start in Ebackpack.
Week 1: March 18-22

Mon: My Fair Lady

Week 2: April 1-5

M: Begin medical unit. Explore skeleton definitions. Write 3 bone etymology and one key note presentation. 
T: Present your keynote on a bone.  
W: Learn about the spine bones, color your hand different colors for the differnt bones (attached).
T: Take bone quiz, learn wrist origins, quiz tomorrow
F: Wrist worksheet, learn the bones of the hand, use your skeleton app to learn the cartilage and bones of the hand.

Week 3: April 8-12

M: Turn on the quiz function of the Essential Skeleton app: quiz yourself over the uper limbs including the "articular surfaces" or cartilage.

T: Play 2 rounds of the bone game. Begin medical terms packet (due Friday).

W:  Play 2 rounds of the bone game.

TH:  Play 2 rounds of the bone game.

F:  Bone test.

Week 4: April 15-19

M: Check answers to intro medical packet.  Start Packet A

T: Continue Packet A.

W: Packet A due at the beginning of class. 



Week 5: April 22-26

M: Grade Medical Packet B.  Study for 75 question quiz. 

T: Study for Quiz.

W: 75 word Medical Quiz. 



Week 6: April 29- May 3

M: Start learning about your vertebra bone to draw

T-F: Draw bones


Week 8: May 13-17

M: Art and Music Study Guide: Work together to complete

T: Art and Music Quiz

W: Language of Education Study Guide: Work together to complete

TH: Language of Education Quiz

F: Review sheet for exam

Week 9: May 20-24

M: Study For Exam

T: Study for Exam

W: Exam

TH: "IF" video about language

F: "IF" video about language

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