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Witch Hunt

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Synthesis Essay

This is the 1st essay on the AP exam.  What is it?  The student makes a claim based on a prompt and then supports the claim using given sources.  Key ideas to remember:  Use EVIDENCE to support you & cite it, EXPLAIN how the evidence helps your claim,  ELABORATE on why you are correct.  Address the opposition, but prove they are wrong.

This is the essay that gives you an extra 15 minutes!!!  Use the first 15 minutes to scan all of the provided resources.  Use the last 40 to write!

Rhetorical Essay

Essay #2 of the AP Exam will be a Rhetorical Analysis.  What that means is that you will be given an rhetorical essay to analyze. In order to analyze the essay, you must look for ethos, logos, or pathos which the writer may be employing.  In addition, you should use the acronym SOAPStone to assist you in understanding the essay and deciding whether or not the writer is effective in his/her intentions. Use the attached PowerPoints to guide you.

Argument Essay

The 3rd essay question that appears on the AP exam is the Argument Essay.  The question requires that students understand what an argument is and know how to construct one.  Students must be able to Support, Refute, or Qualify the claim made in the prompt.  Taking a position on an issue is crucial.  Students need to be able to formulate evidence which supports their claim and then further explain or "develop" the evidence to show its relevancy to the claim.  Students must learn to respectfully acknowledge the counterargument and be able to refute it.


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Research Unit

IU Plagairism Test

Huck Finn

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Vocabulary Lists

Vocabulary tests will given approximately every two weeks.  They will include approximately 30 words which could be found on the SAT exam.  The test is not matching.  Instead, students will be asked to read sentences containing context clues and then insert the correct vocabulary word into the sentence.

YouTube Video

Adventures of Huck Finn

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IU Plagiarism Test

Non-Fiction Comparison Analysis