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Plant and Soil Science

Ag Power

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Supervised Agricultural Experience

The purpose of this class is to get students ready for the real world.  Studetns write down activities that are agriculturally related on a log which needs to be updated daily.  These logs are due every Friday.  At the end of the month, a parent or employer signature is needed in order to get credit for the assignment.  


Some example of things that count for credit in this class include:

Taking care of petsChanging light bulbsEmptying the sweeper at homeRoofingChanging oilWatering plantsMowing the yardRaking leavesLandscapingChanging tiresCleaning guttersGrooming a horseCleaning a fish bowlPouring concreteRewiring an extension cordSharpening tools, blades, etc.Changing batteriesInstalling smoke detectorsWorking on enginesPulling weedsRaking the yardShoveling snow

Winter maintenance on an engine


Animal Science

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Farm and Business Management

Ellearning for today has been emailed to students.