Linda Wilson
Chem I 1st 9-weeks

Week of Aug. 6-10

Tuesday:  Orientation

Wednesday: Notes Ch. 1

Thursday:   Take Course Pre-test and watch Safety Video 
Friday:  Check into lab and Preview Lab I


Week of Aug. 13 - 17

Monday:  Lab 1

Tuesday:  Lab 1
Wednesday:  Finsih Lab and discuss write-up

                    Notes on Metric System

Thursday:   Lab 1 Due
                   Notes Metric System and Graphing
                   Assign Metric and Graphing Wksheet                 
Friday:    Wksheet Due
               Cardboard Graphing Activity


Week of Aug. 20 - 24

Monday:  Metric HW Due, Notes on Graphing

Tuesday:  Graphing Activity Due

Wednesday:  Notes on Accuracy and Percision; and         

                   Dimentional Analysis

Thursday:  Metric Quiz
               Notes on Dimentional Analysis

Friday:  Go over Metric Quiz / Notes on Density / Assign Wksheet

             Make-up Metric Quiz - Monday

Week of Aug. 27 - 31
Monday:  Denisty Lab
Tuesday:  Density Lab Due
               Assign Ch. Wksheet Due
               Metric Quiz II
Wednesday:  Ch. Wksheet Due
Thursday:  CALM Question Topic 2

Friday - Test Ch. 1             

Week of Sept. 3 - 7

Monday - Labor Day

Tuesday -  Notes Ch. 2

                 Assign Wksheet

Wednesday -  Separation Lab

Thursday - Separation Lab    

Friday -  Lab Due

             Quiz Ch. II

Week of Sept. 10 - 14

Monday - Notes on Ions - Cations       

Tueaday - Notes  - Cations

Wednesday -Notes  - Anions

                 Make Ion cards

Thursday -  Notes  -  Polyatomic Ions  
               Make Ion cards

Friday -  Ion Quiz I

             Notes on fromula Writting / Assign Wksheet

Week of Sept. 17 - 21

Monday:   Ion Quiz 1

               Notes:  Polyatomic ions

Tuesday:  Ion Quiz 2

               Notes:  Formula Writting

               Assign Worksheet

Wednesday:  Worksheet Due

                    Ion Quiz 3
                    Notes:  Formula Writting                      

Thursday : Ion Quiz 4
                 Notes:  Formula Writting
Friday :  Ion Quiz 5


Week of Sept. 24 - 28

Monday - MgO Lab 

 Tuesday - MgO Lab

Wednesday - Practice Naming Quiz


Thursday -Lab 

               Naming Nonmetalic compounds Notes

            Assign Wksheet      

Friday - Lab Due

            Wksheet Due  

            Notes on Acid Names

            Assign Wksheet  


Week of Oct. 2 - 6
Monday - Acid Wksheet Due
              Assign CH. Wksheet
Tuesday - Assign CALM Questions Topic 3

Wednesday - Writting and Naming Formulas Test 
Thursday - Notes on Balancing Equations
Friday  -    Notes on Balancing Equations
                Assign Wksheet I on Equation Writting