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National Voters Registration Day

Tuesday, September 25, is National Voter Registration Day.

You can register to vote and update your voter registration information  at Northwestern High School Learning Commons all day during open hours.

Reasons to Register:

  • You will turn 18 by Election Day
  • You are a newly naturalized citizen
  • You moved, even if it is just across town (most common reason for voter confusion)
  • You changed your name
  • You haven’t voted in a while (in which case your registration may have been removed due to inactivity)

Stop by during open hours to register to vote on Tuesday, September 25, 2018. Look for the voter registration table or ask library staff for assistance.

Visit Indiana Voters to register, check your voting status, see who is on the ballot, find out your polling place, and more!

Reading Rx Reading Survey

Whether you love to read or haven't finished a book in years, WE want ot find the right book for you! Take a moment to answer these questions and a book will be chosen especially for you based on your personal preferences. A book will be delivered to your Face 2 Face class as soon as possible. Take a chance, you might just find a book that may be right for you!

Reading Rx Reading Survey

Destiny Online Catalog

Electronic Databases

Challenge of the Week!

Recommended Reading

Career Resources

Research Tips

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Teacher Resources

Website Evaluation

How do you know if a source you found on the internet is credible or craap? Give it the CRAAP Test of course! Website Evaluation Examples from steps you through the process of determining if a website is credible, questionable or not credible. Be a decerning user of information and determine if the website is worthy of your approval before using it for school or personal purposes by applying the CRAAP Test. Both of these documents are attached below!

9th Grade Breakout!

Indiana Driving Practice Tests!


Indiana specific practice tests for permits and licenses of all types!


eLearning Day!

Here we go! It's an eLearning Day! Fortunately for you, our school library resources are availalbe 24 hours a day! If you need to contact Mrs. Longgood, please use the email link in the contact area to the right, or use your school email. I'll check it regularly throughout the day and until about 10pm tonight. I can help you with your research, formating your paper, Destiny, eBooks, AR and more. Don't hesitate to contact me if you need me!

Mrs. Longgood

We want to know what you think about reading! Please take this short reading survey and share your thoughts with us!

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Library Surveys
We want to know how you feel about your library, how you use our resources, and what we can do to make the library more helpful to you! Please use the survey for your grade and let us know what you think!

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Indianapols Star Online Edition

Click here to read the Indianapolis Star Online!

Username – 49353

 Password- gannett

Time to Celebrate!


Summer Library Hours
For those students who like to plan ahead, the English teachers will be allowing regular freshmen, sophomores, and juniors to earn AR points for their 1st semester English classes. If you are an honor student, you should check with your English teacher about any reading you can do to get ahead over the summer.  Obviously, you should choose books in your current reading level.  Don’t ask how many points you’ll need because each teacher is different, but you CAN get a head start and accumulate some points over the summer!   Mrs. Longgood will have the library  open from 11-3 on June 6 & 17, July 1 & 15 and Aug 8th  so that students can come in to check out books and take AR quizzes over the summer!

Our New Reading Area!
Thank you Northwestern Boosters for our beautiful new comfy couches! We love them!


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