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Staff Directory

Name Phone Room
Alexander, Brenda 765-454-2332 x2208 C-8
Anderson, Daniel 765-454-2332 x2310 E-1 (Sem 1) S-10 (Sem 2)
Armstrong, Dan 765-454-2332 x2033 Athletics
Berry, Roger 765-454-2332 x2219 C-19
Bilkey, Kristen 765-454-2332 x2012 HS Office
Blunt, Amanda 765-454-2332 x2322 S-22
Bosch, Hunter 765-454-2332 x2605 E-5
Brazel, Mike 765-454-2332 x2606 E-6
Britten, Cindy 765-454-2332 x3303 HS PE Office
Busailah, Tanya 765-454-2332 x2329 S-29
Cannon, Angela 765-454-2332 x2225 N-25
Clem, Mary 765-454-2332 x2207 C-7
Collins, Amber 765-454-2332 x2030 HS Office
Dubbels, Heather 765-454-2332 x2330 S-30
Everetts, Jake 765-454-2332 x3425 W25-P2/Howard
Fulton, Courtney 765-454-2332 x2062 Media Center
Galbraith, Jodi 765-454-2332 x3011 Nurse
Gilmore, Aaron 765-454-2332 x2323 S-23
Goodrich, Mike 765-454-2332 x2610 E-10
Harshbarger, Cindy 765-454-2332 x2602 E-2
Heinzman, Charlene 765-454-2332 x2332 S-32
Kean, Ryan 765-454-2332 x2309 S-9
King, Mallory 765-454-2332 x2011 HS Office
Kintzel, Cathy 765-454-2332 x2609 E-9
Koetter, Kurt 765-454-2332 x3211 C-11Shop
Leidig, Ashley 765-454-2332 x2321 S-21
Liggett, Jennifer 765-454-2332 x2306 S-6
Longgood, Jennifer 765-454-2332 x2060 LearningCommons
McCracken, Judy 765-454-2332 x4723 iPad Room
Miller, Amy 765-454-2332 x2328 S-28
Miller, Todd 765-454-2332 x5042 Tech
Moore, Geana 765-454-2332 x2032 Guidance
Mullens, Julie Study Hall
Neuzerling, Hope 765-454-2332 x1020 Food Service
O'Neal, Shaughn 765-454-2332 x2206 C-6
Ortmann, DelRoy 765-454-2332 x2608 E-8
Pier, Alex 765-454-2332 x2607 E-7
Pipenger, Jodi 765-454-2332 x2029 Athletics
Plutat, Angela 765-454-2332 x2602 E-2
Pritchard, Lisa 765-454-2332 x2331 S-31
Rarick, Melissa 765-454-2332 x2031 Guidance
Reed, Jayne 765-454-2332 x3020 Cafeteria
Robison, Austen 765-454-2332 x2209 C-9
Rodgers, Jon 765-454-2332 x2212 Band
Rogers, Tica 765-454-2332 x2324 S-24
Rosner, Patrick 765-454-2332 x2304 S-4
Schroer, Pete 765-454-2332 x3013 MS Office
Schulz, Kyle 765-454-2332 x2312 S-12
Shoaff, Tim 765-454-2332 x2014 HS Office
Smith, Joe 765-454-2332 x2302 S-2
Snyder, Jeremy 765-454-2332 x2210 C-10
Spence, Aaron 765-454-2332 x2040 Tech.Office
Thomas, Savannah 765-454-2332 x2326 S-26
Troyer, Scott 765-454-2332 x2604 E-4
Wallace, Lisa 765-454-2332 x2000 HS Office
Walters, Donita 765-454-2332 x3303 Pool
Whaley, Josh 765-454-2332 x2308 S-1 (Sem 1) S-8 (Sem 2)
Williams, Craig 765-454-2332 x2313 S-13
Wilson, Linda 765-454-2332 x2314 S-14
Wilson, Steve 765-454-2332 x2311 S-11

Mission Statement

Through the quality of its staff, curriculum, instruction, and extra-curricular offerings, Northwestern High School provides a positive and supportive environment that challenges each student to strive for excellence in developing skills in life-long learning, communication, problem solving, critical thinking, individual and social responsibility, and respect for others and self.